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Josh words.
I am Josh. Twenty four years old. From Nova Scotia. Chasing adventure with a heart of fire to go elsewhere. Consciously aware. These are parts of my life in photographic evidence. I will let the pictures do the talking. I write a lot, take a lot of pictures and travel a little bit in between.
All pictures are mine unless noted.
March 26th
4:34 PM

First time I did the slush cup, Lots of fun.

September 22nd
11:27 PM

Biking in town/strangers insulting you

To the ignorant asshole on his way to the bar who said to me that I don’t need a full face helmet while biking through town - until you have a broken jaw and facial reconstructive surgery from riding 60+ kms down steep town hills then you can stick to your half helmet. Now wear your Hollister polo a little tighter, fail a little more with your pick up lines, and don’t tell me what to do with my saftey. I guarantee that if your buddy wasn’t there with you then you wouldn’t have said a word. You type of guys are just as ridiculous as whipped teenagers in romance. Thank you and have a useless morning after.

July 28th
11:35 PM
June 1st
10:07 AM

This is a picture of my friend Bonnie. I met her in British Columbia while planting trees. When I met her I felt an instant connection to her and a natural understanding of each other I didn’t feel the need to explain the definition of our friendship. Bonnie has this energy that you want to have around. She wants to propel the potential of everyone to greatness and she wants to live and move forward and be free and happy and adventurous. Approx 3 months ago Bonnie was in a snowboard accident and shattered the upper portion of her right arm and lost strength and feeling from the elbow down. She could no longer do the simple things that we as people often times take for granted. I think her confidence was just as broken as her arm.

These picture were taken a month ago. Still awaiting more surgeries but bou can see in her eyes and smile just how good she is progressing.  Her hopes are rising. 10 days ago she sent me this text message.